Los Angeles Dawn, photo by Tamra Lucid

Tamra could whistle melodies before she could talk; it’s surprising that her family never guessed she might be a musician. Nor did they draw the obvious conclusion from her habit of filling rolls of butcher paper with intricate geometric drawings. Perhaps this explains why she is that rare artist, a…

Sabina England, filmmaker, playwright, and actress, is a fierce creative spirit, with a unique body of work, often hilarious, deeply touching, always profound.

Her dramatic short film “Wedding Night” caused a sensation at the New York Indian Film Festival, and was selected for the Oxford International Women’s Festival, the International…

Tamra Lucid: Newtopia Interviews 2011–2014

I make music with Lucid Nation. I’ve produced documentary films. Chief interviewer for Newtopia Magazine and later for Reality Sandwich. Author of Cassandra.

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